Amino - Ultimate Heat Protectant

Amino - Ultimate Heat Protectant

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Do you use a blow dryer, Flat iron, or curling iron to your hair? Of course you do. You need this product. If you do ONE thing for your hair, it would be to protect it. 

If you constantly find yourself having to constantly cut off your hair because of how badly damaged/dry it is.... then this might be your sign right now to get this product. 

This is a PROFESSIONAL GRADE HEAT Protectant that you absolutely need. 

Even if your hair isn't damaged YET. its best to protect BEFORE damage! 



The first thing that the hair loses when exposed to hot tools are the amino acids.

TRUSS Amino is a professional heat protector, that protects the hair and its’ color against the damaging effects of hot tools. And at the same time, it replenishes the hair with18 different types of Amino Acids.

•Amino is a must use product before any heat tools

•It increases hydration

•Replenishes Amino Acids lost during styling

•Detangles the hair and facilitates blow drying

•Increases the durability of a blowout

•Creates a protective layer around the hair, reducing frizz and sealing the cuticle

•Offers a glossy shine

•Protects the color and acts as an anti-aging treatment

•Contains a fantastic fragrance


*Important notice , because i'm your friend. DO NOT Over spray this product. A little goes a LONG WAY, and you do not want to weigh down your hair or over grease it.